The iPhone SEO App Toolkit [INFOGRAPHIC]


Separating my personal life and my work life (at least to some extent) makes me happier at home and more productive at work. For this reason, the main screen of my iPhone is reserved for “normal life” apps, like the HopStop app to help me get around NYC, the ESPN Fantasy Football app for last minute lineup changes, and the Kindle app to keep long subway rides entertaining. The second screen of my iPhone, however, is all business. I’ve put together a whole dashboard of awesome SEO apps that can help me get things done. Click the image below to see the infographic in its full-size, or scroll down to read the content of the infographic in text form.

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iPhone SEO Apps

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These apps help stay organized and coordinate with team members.

  • Basecamp – Although this isn’t exactly an app, their web app looks and works great on the iPhone. I use Basecamp for project management. It helps me coordinate with clients, employees, contractors, and side project partners.
  • Google Docs – When I’m not sharing documents and managing a project on Basecamp, you can find me on Google Docs. I know plenty of consultants and agencies that use Google Docs to coordinate their link building efforts. It’s simple, fast, and accessible.
  • Wunderlist – My to do list program of choice. It’s clean and quick, and synchs between all of my devices. What more do you need? Other popular choices are Remember The Milk and Evernote. Pick what you’re comfortable with and what you’ll have no problem using everyday.
  • oDesk – I use oDesk for outsourcing some content development and link building projects. Having their app handy on my iPhone allows me to keep track of my team. There’s no better feeling than waking up, rolling over in bed, and looking at all of the work completed for you overnight.


These apps help provide on-page and off-page statistics about various websites.

  • SiteAnalyser – This app can help you get a rough picture of where any given website is, SEO-wise. The app quickly provides detailed domain information, on-site SEO data such as meta data, headers, load time, and page size, and link data such as inbound links and PageRank.
  • SEO Pro – Whereas SiteAnalyser is good for on-the-fly information, SEO Pro allows you to save your websites and easily access data on them at any time, including extensive link data from Yahoo, Alexa, and Compete, as well as meta information and keywords.
  • Serps – This is the best rank checker I’ve seen for the iPhone. It’s not pretty, but it works, it’s fast, and you can save websites and keywords that you check on frequently. At the end of the day, it has every feature you really need out of a rank checker, and it’s lighting fast.
  • DomainStorm – This app is my go-to for all things domains. You can look up domains for purchase and get WHOIS information on domains quickly and easily. The app also has a brainstorm feature that acts sort of like a thesaurus for finding potential domain names given keywords you enter.

Web Management

These apps help you maintain your website and publish content.

  • WordPress – This app allows me to make quick updates and changes to all of my WordPress blogs on the go. It’s not ideal, but when I need to blog on the go or make a quick change, this app gives me everything I need to access all of my websites and get things done.
  • Analytics – This app gives me easy access to all of my Google Analytics accounts. If you’re like me, then you’re glued to your analytics all day long, and having easy access to this data wherever I am throughout the day is a life saver.


These apps provide you with resources and industry news.

  • FeedlerPro – This app is the best Google Reader app I’ve found for the iPhone. I can follow all of my favorite SEO blogs via RSS and stay up-to-date with the latest SEO news, articles, and tips. My personal favorite is Sphinn’s Most Popular Topics feed.
  • Art of SEO – I keep what I believe to be one of the best SEO books ever written right on my iPhone. The app from O’Reilly, the publisher of Art of SEO, lets me easily flip to any section in the table of contents and allows me to search through the text for specific topics.


These apps allow you to access your social networks and stay connected.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – Pretty self-explanatory. Having access to all of your social accounts right on your phone allows you to be responsive to comments and questions, and stay active in the conversation even when you’re not by your computer.
  • Skype – This app works great for coordinating with employees, co-workers, contractors, and even clients. I use it to coordinate with some of my contractors from oDesk, and it’s great to be able to answer their questions anywhere and anytime to keep the workflow moving.


Got a favorite iPhone SEO app that didn’t make the list? Tell us what it is in the comments below.

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