The Top 10 Best SEO Tools and Software for Mac Users


I wouldn’t trade my Mac for a PC for anything in the world, but owning an Apple computer can be frustrating at times. Despite the affinity that many SEOs, web developers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers seem to have for Mac computers, there is a high proportion of SEO software that is only compatible with PCs. Sure, dual booting or running Windows virtually using software like Parallels or VMWare can work in a pinch, but there’s nothing quite like being able to launch a native application off of your dock and have it work quickly and smoothly. For this reason, I’ve decided to put together a little roundup of the best Mac-friendly software that’s available.

Keyword Research and Tracking


Market Samurai

This program is perhaps the best known on the list. Market Samurai is primarily a tool for keyword and competitive research, but it also has rank tracking functionality and can assist you with managing and monetizing content on your blog. Plenty of Internet marketers swear by Market Samurai, which is available as a free trial, or in its entirety for $149.

Rank Tracker

Part of the SEO PowerSuite Toolkit, Rank Tracker is, well…just that. Many SEOs prefer having a robust program in place of a web-based solution for their rank checking purposes, and Rank Tracker is certainly up to the task. There is a free version, or a selection of paid versions starting at $99.


Another rank checker, Rage Software’s SERank offers website rank checking for multiple search engines. It also boasts helpful features like monitoring of competitors’ rankings and the option to export results as PDF reports. There is a trial version available for download, and full-featured versions available starting at $79.95.

On-Page Analysis


Website Auditor

Another program included in the SEO PowerSuite, Website Auditor spiders and analyzes your website, providing information on broken links, code errors, duplicate content, 404 errors, page indexation, meta descriptions, and other on-page factors. The page can help you quickly assess and uncover problems with websites. You can try the free edition, or download the full version starting at $99.75.

Sitemap Automator

Manually creating site maps isn’t even an option for those of us that work on larger websites, so a tool like Sitemap Auditor can come in handy. Rage Software’s Sitemap Automator will spider your pages, put together an XML Sitemap, and even assist with finding broken links or problematic pages. It also has filtering options to help you easily exclude pages. A trial version is available, or you can buy the full product for $29.95.


Another program from Rage Software, Domainer is built for people that have a large number of domains and websites to keep track of. It can analyze important off-page details of all of your domains, including their link profiles and how they stack up next to competing websites. Moreover, it can help you research new niches and domain names. The program can be downloaded as a trial version or purchased in full for $29.95.


This website crawler can come in handy for finding broken links and locating redirects. Integrity has a pretty simple interface, but does offer some advanced options such as checking for broken images and ignoring query strings. Best of all, the app is completely free to download and use.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Another website spidering tool, this little gem crawls websites and presents you with key on-page elements, as well as issues that the tool has identified. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool boasts a slick interface and is well worth the download. You can use it for free (with some limitations), or get a full license for 99 euros per year, or about $130 USD.

Link Building


SEO Spyglass

A full-functioning back link checker, SEO Spyglass (a part of the SEO PowerSuite) can help you identify your competitors’ links as opportunities to build links to your own website. It can show you the anchor text and title tags your competitors are using, and can even help to identify the site wide links they’ve been purchasing from other websites – just a handful of the dozens of features that the program touts. You can download the trial version for free, or download the program in full starting at $99.75.

Link Assistant

Another program from the well-regarded SEO PowerSuite, Link Assistant helps you track, organize, and manage your existing links. It can really make the link building process more efficient, as the program helps you find and track new link opportunities, create your own link directory to build links, verify links to your website, monitor your link popularity over time, and much more. Plenty of SEO’s swear by Link Assistant, and you can see why by checking out the free trial version, or by downloading it in full starting at $99.75.

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