Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Consumer interaction on the web is making reputation management more important each day.  Tap in to your market's conversation and find out what people are saying, and how to use channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to grow your business.


Want to get in touch with your customers and build a brand message that people love?

Social media is starting to reign supreme on the web, and having a roadmap for social success can help your company dominate your market.  These days, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and a slew of other niche online communities have risen to prominence as the most accessible channel with which to communicate with your customer.  Simply creating a profile with these various services is not enough; you need to open up an avenue of two-way communication so that you can learn from your customers, stimulate their interest, and capitalize on the available education and sales opportunities.

Learn from your customers

A proper social media strategy can help your company keep its ear to the ground, and can make you privy to amazing insights that your competitors are missing out on.  We keep our finger to your market’s pulse, and help to identify emerging trends and opinions.  Moreover, we can help you identify and respond to market incidents that might otherwise lead to a negative view of your brand.  Keeping track of everything said about your brand across multiple social networks can be a hassle.  We can simplify this process by providing you with ongoing reports that create a picture of what is being said, who is saying it, and how you can respond.  This can help you determine your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, areas of opportunity.

Educate your customers

At Mangia Marketing, we are no stranger to these social networks, and how to capitalize on them to learn, educate, and sell to your customers.  We understand how to identify the social media mavens out there, the movers and shakers, and most importantly, the opinion leaders.  We know how to work with these influencers to communicate with your customers, and more importantly, with potential customers.  Whether the goal is to create more traffic to your company’s blog, get a viral video to explode, or help rehabilitate your company’s image, we know where to start, and have the experience and the tools to help you get your message out.

Sell to your customers

We also understand how important your bottom line is.  Once we build your social media outlets into a trusted center for information and content within your market, we capitalize on this trust by working with you to create promotions that your audience will respond to.  We build continuous streams of traffic right to your website, and help you turn that traffic into clicks and sales.

What can you expect?

We have a track record of helping our customers build social profiles that customers will respond to, as well as growing the user base from a handful of customers to a community of several thousand.  We have helped our clients extract useful, actionable information from what their customers are saying.  Most importantly, we have helped our customers build a social media strategy that turns each and every online presence into a source of continuous traffic and sales.  Your brand could be next.

Interested in getting started with social media optimization?  Learn more today by filling out our free customized consultation.


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